Hemp Stripping (300 plants per hour) & Drying (1000#/hour) for your 2019 crop!


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Konopie: Polish word for Hemp

from Proto-Slavic Etymology *konopja, *konopjě  

Pronunciation /ko'no.pⱼe/   

Konopie's Founders Mark & Rebecca 

Our Purpose is to provide standardization, consistency & traceability throughout the soil to oil Hemp Industry, empower farmers & friends alike to embrace this grassroots movement with a trusted reliable partner, Konopie. 


Nursery Seedling Sales

Accepting Orders Nov 1 2019!  Please note our seedlings are germinated from seeds, not clones.

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Retail or Wholesale Seed & Pre-planted Seed Trays Available Year Round!

Seed, Pre-seeded trays and trays made and ready to add your own seed now available for your convenience! 


About Us


Custom Planting Equipment Rental

Take the hand labor of planting out of hemp growing with our seedling trans planter!

 Efficiently planting 22,000 seedlings in 12 hours. 

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Mobile Testing Options - Results in 30 minutes!

Maximize your CBD/Cannabinoid harvest & mitigate your risk of a "Hot" crop & Lost Revenue  with Konopie Technologies' affordable on site testing solution & cannabinoid monitoring.

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Hemp Harvesting Equipment Rental!!

Mechanize your hemp harvesting, with our CBD Hemp plant harvester, hemp strippers and ag crop drying facility (mobile stripping & drying options also available!) 

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CBD Full Spectrum Extraction

Konopie's  Extracting Agreements takes the uncertainty out of CBD processing. Konopie is a fully insured product liability & raw/finished product insured company.

  Konopie run lot processing at capacity of 12,000# in 20 hours of dry material.  For more information please contact us.

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Transparency & Traceability

Setting the industry standards & allowing complete transparency & traceability is an integral part of Konopie's business model. With that they have teamed up with Konopie Technologies & their development of a user friendly, affordable software program stored on block chain technology. This software is one of many ways Konopie (and partnered affiliates) assures their  genetics, growing practices, harvesting & extraction lab & techniques are of the industries highest standards. 

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Konopie` LLC

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States