Konopie Trusted Cannabinoid Ingredient


Konopié LLC, an agricultural,  manufacturing, marketing, and sales company is on a mission to be the most trusted, reliable source for CBD and other botanical oil ingredients.

We believe our flagship brand, Konopié’s Trusted CBD Oil, is and will continue to be the most trusted cannabinoid ingredient available. Our business is structured to assure ingredient purity, transparency, and reliability – in other words, impeccable quality standards and accountability to our customers and partners.

Konopie plants

Our Values

Purity: Agricultural, manufacturing, and quality control procedures at Konopié LLC are set up to not only meet but exceed regulated best practices. Onsite operations are certified USDA organic seed to shelf.

Transparency: Terroir farming assures the provenance of all ingredients, including farming location and techniques, processing procedures, and packing.

Reliability: A growing team of midwestern farmers committed to identical standards has joined forces to build the most reliable supply chain in the industry.

Company and Partner Brands

We are committed to building a portfolio of company and partner brands to market leadership in cannabinoid categories. Currently, we have products in the horse and equine health, coffee, and beverage infusion categories.

Explore our brands:

  • Konopié Hemp Pellets™ 
  • Canna-Fuzed beverage infussions
  • Konopié Kawa™ produced by Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company

We are genuinely excited to be industry builders in this important new category.
We look forward to earning your trust as customers and partners.