The roots of the Konopié founders, Mark and Rebecca, run deep in farming and extracting. Mark, a 4th generation farmer, plants the seeds of life to Konopié. A registered nurse and the great, great-daughter to an herbal pioneer, Rebecca extends Konopié’s focus onto natural health, wellness and product development.

Through organic farming, Konopié products bear uniqueness from the micro-climate, to the microorganisms, right down to the soil where hemp is grown. These environmental factors contribute specific growth habitats setting the foundation of the farm. From planting the hemp seed to the final extraction, Konopié ensures product integrity.

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company, a small-batch specialty coffee roaster, uses technology to provide an exceptional cup. Their experience ensures consistent results and satisfaction with every roast, every time. Anodyne partnered with Konopié to provide ‘a valuable remedy’ and hence Konopié Kawa was born!